To make an impact in the world you need to

be courageous.

You can be strong as a leader and be kind.


The Courage Compass

You will be introduced to the courage compass which you can use to guide your teams selflessly, building them up and enabling them with the tools they need to achieve success. 

You will learn to lead through example, using the four points on the courage compass:

  • Kindness
  • Impact
  • Purpose
  • Resilience

You can be courageous as a leader and be fearful.


Sonia McDonald

As the CEO of LeadershipHQ, Sonia McDonald is propelled to rid the business world of superficial leadership driven by the trappings of popularity and power. Her business and reputation are built on her own courage to lead with true purpose and meaningful impact, as she inspires others to do the same. Sonia is an inspirational keynote speaker, and one of Australia’s leading executive leadership coaches and facilitators. She has worked internationally to develop leaders and office culture in a diverse range of industries. Sonia is also the author of Leadership Attitude and Just Rock It!, and in 2020 founded the Outstanding Leadership Awards program in Australia.  

You can be a leader without the title.


Anywhere at any time.



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But first comes courage.


Lead with Courage

To make an impact in the world you need to be courageous. Sonia McDonald's new book 'First Comes Courage' delves into the world of leadership courage; how to nurture and grow your courage to be your greatest tool yet. By mastering the art of kindness, impact, purpose and resilience you can be the courageous leader you dream to be.


"In reading First Comes Courage I found myself asking am I the kind and the courageous leader I believe I am, have I filled others with the belief and the want of their own morrow; have I opened enough doors and closed the doors that no longer serve? And then I am reminded every so softly I need first to be courageous and kind to and for myself. First comes Courage (in my humble) opinion will be the go-to book for many of us as we step forward into our own lives and into the lives we shape and lead."

Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson

Founder, Craig’s Table 

“ In her amazing new book Sonia McDonald addresses a real need in the leadership space with “First Comes Courage.” Based on incredible experiences, including Sonia’s own, insights and tools are provided to grow courage in teams and within leaders that will drive sustainability, ongoing change and improvement through Leaders committing to their own Pledge” 

Geoff Edwards

Business Consultant


Are you ready to enter 2021 with courage?

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